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Kids-Linked-IconAmazing Circus Workshops was set up to be something different and fun for children and adults of all ages. With the opportunity to try out some of the very pieces of equipment you would find in a real circus environment. It was set up to show people that with a little practice anyone would be able to learn these long standing skills.

Amazing Circus Workshopa - People learning circus skills at a workshop in PortchesterA lot of the skills required to juggle, or spin a plate or walk on stilts can give younger children another way to learn fine motor skills. And for them it is fun too! Circus skills also give people a confidence boost. This has been proven time and time again. Being able to show other people something that you have learnt helps to boost the confidence of the person who has learnt that skill. It gives people the opportunity to learn something new and different. Something that other people find difficult. Some of the people involvied in the project have been through this very experience and are now the people that are passing on there skills to you! The best part of this is that is great exercise. For everyone involved.

Amazing Circus Workshops can cater for almost any size venues with large workshops for hundreds of people at once. We would obviously advise that events were kept to a level where one to one tutoring could be given but again with the skills and experience of our staff this is not always essential. We aim to tech several skills over the course of a workshop to give those people who would not like to learn one apperatis the chance to try something. We have all our own equipment and can provide from; Juggling, Spinning Plates, Bucket Stilts, Twirling Battons, Devil Sticks, Hoola Hoops, Diabalo and many many more. we have, in the past even taught people to unicycle!

So to find out more about what we can offer in workshops, school lessons, shows and more and to see images of previous workshops then click through our site, look at the layout of one of our structured workshops, see for yourself how this popular pastime is fast becoming a great hobby and exercise for you to get involved in.

If you would like to find out more information on the team, or the opportunity to book a workshop then please email the team. We would be happy to give you all the information to make your workshop a success.

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