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Amazing Circus Workshops - A brightly coloured cartoon of a pryamid of children.At Amazing Circus Workshops, we aim to give those who join us the best experience in the time that we are with them as possible. In order to do this, we try to plan our workshops to give the maximum amount of fun and learning in the time we have available. You might think that this is obvious. However, it is a lot more difficult than it might first appear. We like to make sure that those who attended our workshops are able to work at THEIR optimum working pace. this means that we adjust the schedule to suite everyone as the workshops progress.

The key elements that we use to achieve an Amazing Circus Workshop;

  • Understanding different learning speeds of the participants in each of the circus skills they are learning.
  • Constant monitoring of individual performance.
  • Adjustment of teaching methods to suit participants.
  • If required, additional one to one support and encouragement of those participants that may learn at a slower speed.

it is also important to point out that by the very nature of our workshops and the use of multiple skills taught during the workshops, that by their very nature the circus skills workshops we run allow the opportunity for everyone to excel at one skill or another. No one will be left feeling like they did not achieve.

What Do You Get To Learn On Our Circus Workshops?

Well the list is extensive. We have a large amount of circus equipment that we can bring to a workshops. Truthfully, the only limits are time and the size of the room the circus skills are to be learned in. Or workshops are tailored to meet your requirements. If you have a Class in school or a business group looking for a team building day, a Scout, Cub, Brownie or Guid pack you would like to have us perform at then we have a workshop to suit.

To give you an example of what we have the ability to teach we have a list for you below.

  • Circus History
  • Circus Presentation
  • Juggling
  • Poi
  • Clowning
  • Balance Skills
  • Plate Spinning
  • Hula Hoop
  • Uni Cycle
  • Stilt Walking

Cartoon Clown With Spotty Trousers and Pink HairOur Skilled workshop staff have a wide variety of knowledge in the circus arts. However some of them specialise in a particular skill. For example, if you wished to add the art of clowning to a workshop, we would attempt to get one of our staff who specialise in the field to attended to give those participating the best experience.

If you would like to know more about the what we can offer and how we can fit it in to your parameters then please contact us directly using the contact us page to get our details. All of the members of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.






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