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Bright Cartoon of a boy playing on a laptop. Used for Contact Us IconContacting us here at Amazing Circus Workshops could not be more simple. To find out more about us or the services workshops and shows that we can offer we would advise you to contact us by one of the emails listed below.



To chat with us at any time, you can give us a call.

0845 496 1817

Calls charged at the local rate. If you get an answering machine, then we are out having too much fun at a workshop so leave a message we promise to return your call

Simon Key

To find out further details of circus workshops cost personal quotes or if you have any questions about the content to workshops that Simon runs. If you have any questions that might relate to the training of children in juggling skills or specific circus skills then Simon spends a great deal of time understanding the best ways to help people learn these specialised tasks.


Please use this email if you have found something wrong on our web page. Or technical issues to do with parts of our site. this would include issues with shopping functions on our site. If there is something that you feel would be better answered by ourselves, then please feel free to contact the admin team.

Other Members Of Our Team

If you have had contact with any of the other members of our team and would like to contact them directly, the names of these staff listed below with a link to their email.

Kim Key

Works with the company from time to time, she has experience with working on many workshops with the company and brings other skills to the workshops if required.

Laura Tasker

Laura, another member of the team works in a different patch and occasionally comes and helps us when required for bigger events. Laura’s location means that we are able to provide our services on a wider scale across the south coast and beyond. If you would like further information on the area covered please give us a call on the number above.

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